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June 7, 2012
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Cutie Mark Crusaders Convention Guests Yay! by CatWhitney Cutie Mark Crusaders Convention Guests Yay! by CatWhitney
All three voice actresses for the CMC are going to be at Everfree NW!

"The Show-Stoppers are here! Please give a warm welcome to Claire Corlett and Madeleine "Maddy" Peters, who now join Michelle Creber to complete the Cutie Mark Crusaders at Everfree Northwest. We knew we couldn't stop at just one and that Apple Bloom would be lonely without her friends, so we offered them the chance once more to earn their cutie marks. Will they discover their super-special talents? Turns out they already have:

Claire Corlett's talented voice has found its way not only onto Friendship is Magic as Sweetie Belle, but to the hit PBS Kids show, Dinosaur Train and 3-2-1 Penguins! as well.

Maddy Peters not only voices the spirited Scootaloo, but also appeared in previous animated programs, such as Danger 5, Barbie: Princess Charm School, and My Little Pony's award-winning sister production, Martha Speaks.

These three, talented young stars are sure to steal the show this August. Registration re-opens this Saturday night at 7 Pacific, but space is still limited so hurry! The Cutie Mark Crusaders will be here. Will you?"

Everfree NW Home: [link]
Everfree NW Twitter: [link]


Pose referenced from Hearts & Hooves Day!
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Probably another thing that makes Claire special is that she's the daughter of the greatly-talented Ian James Corlett
IreneUbik Sep 13, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hi! I'm doing a "Cutie Mark Crusaders Special" and I've featured this here: [link]

Good job!
CatWhitney Sep 19, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks so much! :heart:
Remember me? Well, at the end I didn't watched that movie... BECAUSE I DIDN'T FOUND A PROPER STREAM OF HALLMARK CHANNEL! :iconrarityfacedeskplz:
But still, I could watch Art of the Song, the PonyStock that featured Michelle, and the Crusaders. The three were awesome, seriously.
CatWhitney Aug 24, 2012  Student General Artist
They're so wonderful!
I want to go the Con, and meet the VAs of the CMC! Specially Michelle Creber and Claire Corlett! But I have various problems, between them... THAT I LIKE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY, THAT'S VERY FAR FROM EVERFREE NW! :iconrarityfacedeskplz:
Ehrm, I'm so sorry for saying that...
Anyways, adorable drawing! <3
CatWhitney Jun 22, 2012  Student General Artist
Aww, well... the good news is that Everfree Radio will be livestreaming the whole event, so you can still watch what's going on!
Oh, I didn't knew that!
Still, I think that I'll watch the movie of Hallmark Channel that'll feature two of the VAs of the CMC.
(And BTW, I've forgot Maddie, and I'm sorry for that).
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